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Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd is a Chinese company established in 1997 and operates in several different energy-related niches, including wind power conversion and inverters production for photovoltaic system. They offer a variety of inverters for the end consumer, to meet their energy demands at an attainable price point.

Sungrow solar PV inverters are known around the world for their excellent efficiency, safety, reliability, simplicity of installation and ease of use. Their range of PV inverters includes sizes from 2.5 kilowatt (kW) up to 6.8 megawatts (MW). The whole line of products boast power conversion efficiency of over 99%. A focus on technical innovation and cutting-edge design has enabled Sungrow to equip their inverters with the latest in solar technology features.

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Fronius is one of the leading premium manufacturers of inverters on the international stage. They are also one of the first inverter brands to be named as compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system. Their Fronius Symo Hybrid will integrate seamlessly with the Powerwall.

They have really good connectivity and most of their models have “smart grid” features built in that allow you to meet your local electricity conditions.

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GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co LTd is an internationally renowned company that produces string solar inverters ranging from 1.5kw to 17kw, with variations to meet customers needs and energy demands. GoodWe has a domestic Australian office in Victoria, along with strong international profile with offices in Germany, Netherlands and UK.

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Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd is a professional, fast growing organisation. The company is well known and respected globally as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and storage solutions.

Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar Inverters, from 1kW to 2.52MW, together with energy storage solutions for on and off-grid applications and smart home energy management solutions. As of early 2017, the company had 1200 employees. Growatt’s Inverters have thus far been exported to more than 100 countries throughout the world.

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Huawei offers leading Smart PV solutions harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology.
By integrating AI and Cloud, Huawei further incorporates many latest ICT technologies with PV for optimal power generation, thus making the solar power plant to be Highly Efficient, Safe & Reliable with Smart O&M and Grid Supporting capabilities and builds the foundation for solar to become the main energy source.
For solar energy users, Huawei launched advanced solution for C&I and residential customers based on the ‘Optimal Electricity Cost and Active Safety’ concept.

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Solis is a Spanish name derived from the Latin sol solis, literally meaning “SUN”. Solis Australasia are very proud to be delivering the very latest in solar inverter technology from Ginlong Technologies in the form of the new Solis range of inverters. The Solis inverter product range has the benefit of more than 20 years of technical development and improvement resulting from the experience and determination of the Solis engineers to produce the very best product available.

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